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Like you I have been sceptical about the so called "xylene substitutes".  In
my experience limonene based products have caused as many if not more
symptons than xylene.  We have only one area where limonene based material
is used now and this is because one of the technicians showed adverse
effects to xylene.  What worries me is that more and more household cleaning
products now contain 'lemon oil bases'.  I think these companies have not
researched the problems associated with this product.
Any chemical must have some detrimental effect on the human body if not
handled correctly.
With formaldehyde now being classed as carcinogenic does that mean we have
to stop using it?  Laboratory workers have the lowest incidence of disease
caused by exposure to formaldehyde because we handle it correctly and ensure
correct ventilation.  Surely the same applies to xylene use?

Bill Sinai
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Hello Histonetters,

This may be an old, tired, and oft asked question, but what ARE the
health risks of the d-limonene containing xylene alternatives? The
butylated hydroxyanisole in Fisher's CitriSolv is a carcinogen 'suspect'
and there are many MSDS mentions of the possible allergen status of
d-limonene.  Many also are the stories of headaches caused by the stuff.
Biodegradable qualities notwithstanding, I personally don't think these
products are as 'mother's milk' safe as some seem to think (I don't
think they should be poured down the sink for instance). As a group who
may use these products more and in a greater volume than any other, I'd
like to hear what the histology community thinks about use, handling,
and disposal regardless of what the various MSDS's have to say. Thanks,


Jeffrey F. Thompson
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