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From:"Jeffrey Thompson"

Hello Histonetters,

This may be an old, tired, and oft asked question, but what ARE the
health risks of the d-limonene containing xylene alternatives? The
butylated hydroxyanisole in Fisher's CitriSolv is a carcinogen 'suspect'
and there are many MSDS mentions of the possible allergen status of
d-limonene.  Many also are the stories of headaches caused by the stuff.
Biodegradable qualities notwithstanding, I personally don't think these
products are as 'mother's milk' safe as some seem to think (I don't
think they should be poured down the sink for instance). As a group who
may use these products more and in a greater volume than any other, I'd
like to hear what the histology community thinks about use, handling,
and disposal regardless of what the various MSDS's have to say. Thanks,


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