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	Everyday I run my forceps thru the purge cycle on the processor.  Weekly ( or so) I run the forceps holder thru the purge cycle and then scrub with a test tube brush and hot water.  If your holder is not removable, clean the holes with kimwipes or gauze.  It's also handy to keep a test tube brush by the embedding machine so you can clean forceps as needed.


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Subject: Cross Contamination 

	        My lab has an ongoing problem of cross contamination, which I believe happens 
during embedding.  Our hospital does not allow the use of an open flame in 
the Histology lab.  Flaming the forceps with a bunsen burner would no doubt 
solve the problem but since that is not an option, does anyone have a suggestion? 
We have tried non grooved forceps, but were unable to grasp the tiny pieces 
of tissue.  The "forceps warmer" on the embedding centre is only barely hot 
enough to keep the forceps warm for a few moments.  We switch forceps back and 
forth during embedding. 
I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks. 

	        Dannie Blake (HT) 
Histo Technical Specialist 
Fresno Community Hospital 
Fresno, California 

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