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You would be very pleased with a hot glass bead sterilizer.  It works
like open flame but keeps the heat under a layer of beads.  See the
following link:


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Subject: Cross Contamination

My lab has an ongoing problem of cross-contamination, which I believe
during embedding.  Our hospital does not allow the use of an open flame
the Histology lab.  Flaming the forceps with a bunsen burner would no
solve the problem but since that is not an option, does anyone have a
We have tried non-grooved forceps, but were unable to grasp the tiny
of tissue.  The "forceps warmer" on the embedding centre is only barely
enough to keep the forceps warm for a few moments.  We switch forceps
back and 
forth during embedding. 
I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks.

Dannie Blake (HT)
Histo Technical Specialist
Fresno Community Hospital
Fresno, California

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