processor failure!

From:Melissa Jensen

Our processor went down.So we called our affiliate hospital.Took our tissue over.They have a brand new processor.To make a long story short...Our tissue never made it to paraffin.But it did make it thru the xylene.Needless to say..It was fried! All that heat and xylene soaked.We have never had that happen before! I decided we needed to run the tissue back thru the clean cycle to get rid of the xylene and than rehydrate...At that point we were at a loss as to how long to rehydrate ect and in what! One book said 70%alc over night after treating with glycerin..Like I have a bottle of glycerin!..WE called a tech from the processors company.She suggested soaking all the tissue for 1 hr in buffered saline than proceed with processing.WE checked the tissue in one way.About that time the guy to work on our processor shows up.We call affiliate to see if they can do a short run..No they cant! There new processor isn't programmed for it yet.! Can you imagine buying a new processor only to have them tell you..Sorry im just here to make sure it works.The other guy that does the teaching and programming is on vacation for 2 weeks.So your on your own!....Anyway..We decided to leave the tissue in the saline for 6 hrs.Than it was processed..It cut and stained great.Dr.s said there was minimal damage they were pleased...I guess im getting to the question now! LOL
Has this happened to you...xylene fried tissue? If so please tell me how you restored your tissue. I would like to have documentation for what to do the lab..We were just guessing what to do..It worked this time but .!!!!!!
  Thanks in advance!

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