Decal solution for large specimen

First I want to thank all who help me with undecal bone procedures.  Special 
thank to Diane from Cleveland, Ohio.
I use formic acid with sodium formate or sodium citrate for decalcification 
of bone in the laboratory.  This procedure is excellent and I have not 
problem staining with Mayer's hematoxylin.  My new boss want to use HCL or 
Nitric acid to decal large bone specimen because formic acid is too slow.  I 
need procedure for using these strong acids and how do you monitor the end 
result.  I will using this method to decal mandible etc.  Thank again for any 
help that is given.

Ernestine Middleton, Manager HTL,HT, BS,MPA
Pathology Histology Lab.
Montefiore Med. Ct.
Bronx, NY
718-547-1920 fax

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