SV: Bone Marrow Iron Stain.

From:Nina Malja

It must have been The Lab Ghost... It visited us as well earlier this year.
The Lab Ghost then gave us troubles with DAB staining of bone marrow smears
and we never really figured it out. After checking out all our reagents,
temperatures, pH et cetera, we still didn't get any wiser...We even tried a
completely different methodology by using a DAKO kit. (The doctors didn't
like the result the kit gave so we couldn't use that either...) Now we are
back to were we started - with our old procedure working as it should again.
We are making our own giemsa stain now though. We think it might have been
wrong pH in the old giemsa we used, but that has never been verified. I bet
it was The Lab Ghost. Whenever something is wrong and we can't figure out
why - it's The Lab Ghost visiting again.  ;-)
Have a wonderful summer all!!  :-)
Nina Malja
Coagulation lab.
Rikshospitalet, Oslo
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Fra: Tom McNemar []
Sendt: 1. juli 2002 12:26
Til: 'Baker, Christine';
Emne: RE: Bone Marrow Iron Stain.

We had the same problem... Never really resolved it.  We tried many
different reagents, a couple of different methods, and anything else I could
think of.  Even went back to making up our own reagents.  The control was
always beautiful.  We are now using Richard Allen's Chromoview (from
Allegiance) and are getting good results.

I sure wish I knew what was going on.  We hadn't changed anything.... Had
been working fine for years.  I'll be interested to see other responses....

Good luck!

Tom Mc Nemar HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Licking Memorial Hospital
Newark, Ohio

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