Re: Transporting tissues

If these tissues are eventually going to be processed and paraffin
embedded, my suggestion would be to put them in 70% alcohol for shipping. I
am not sure about overseas regulations but it may even be more preferred on
the safety end also. The alcohol content is high enough to keep most things
from growing in it and the water content is helpful in keeping the tissue
from dehydrating too much. I have received samples that have been 4%PFA
fixed and then left in 70% for months that did just fine......of course it
always depends on the sample. Most of my samples are animal tissues.

Hi histo folk,
I have had a question raised about the transporting of tissues in
We have some samples being sent from overseas that are going to be fixed in
4% Paraformaldehyde. The concern is with them staying in PFA and becoming
'over fixed'  and the suggestion is that they should be fixed in 4% PFA for
24 hours then left in PBS till they arrive here which could be weeks or
months and we have no idea of the temperature at which they may be stored!
My feeling is to leave them in Paraformaldehyde till they get here then
with PBS. I have gone through the over fixing business (as discussed
recently on the histonet) but others thoughts or past experience welcomed.


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