Re: high contrast lung stain

From:Geoff McAuliffe

Dear Frank:

    Hmmmm. If the cell coats will stain with PAS that coupled with the
appropriate filter/software might to the trick. Or a PA silver methenamine
which gives a black rxn. product.Otherwise how about phase contrast
illumination or differential interference/Nomarski/Hoffman modulation contrast

Frank Rosenthal wrote:

> Does anyone have suggestions for a high contrast (LM) stain for alveolar
> boundaries in air-dried (inflated) lung tissue embedded in glycol
> methacrylate.   I have tried H&E, Toluidine Blue, Methylene Blue and
> Polysciences Multiple Stain with limited success.  The high contrast is
> needed for proper processing in an image analysis system.  Any suggestions
> or ideas will be very much appreciated.
> Thanks.
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