Re: Grimelius silver stain

From:louise renton

I seem to remember that we used the alkaline diazo method to demonstrate 
carcinoid before immuno's were widely used. The method relied on the 
reaction of beta-carboline- the fixation product of 5-HT -with a diazonium 
salt to produce an insoluble azo dye. The method is in Bancroft & Stevens 
4th ed. If you cannot acess it, then contact me, and I will type it out for 

Best regards

LOuise Renton
South Africa

>From: Pat Paulusse 
>To: histonet 
>Subject: Grimelius silver stain
>Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 16:57:20 -0400
>Hi all,
>Can anyone suggest normal tissue that can be used as a control for the 
>Grimelius silver stain (using it to demonstrate a carcinoid tumour)?  Also, 
>I would be interested in alternative staining methods (besides grimelius) 
>for the demonstration of carcinoid tumours.  I have a very limited antibody 
>selection on hand, so I would probably have to stick to chemical techniques 
>- although antibody suggestions would be welcome - who knows, I may have 
>Thanking you in advance,
>Patrick Paulusse
>Pembroke General Hospital
>Ontario, Canada
>e-mail -

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