Re: Plastic mounting/bubbles

From:louise renton

Hi there,
unlike most doing plastic embedded sections I do not adhere my sections 
directly on slides, but stain and mount free floating sections (wish I 
could, but the technique does't seem to wrk for us).Is this what your 
co-worker is doing?
In order to prevent air bubble formation under the coverslip, I place the 
section on the slide, usually from aba alc, trim away excess resin with a 
scalpel and place a large glob of mounting media (entellan) on the section. 
I then wait about 30s to let the xylene in the medium soften the resin and 
then coverslip, using gentle pressure to squeeze ot bubbles etc, The section 
are then weighted and allowed to dry overnight or longer. This is not a 
perfect ssyetem, but at the moment is the best I can do.

Louise Renton
Bone research Unit
South Africa

>From: "P. Emry" 
>Subject: Plastic mounting/bubbles
>Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 18:26:00 -0700 (PDT)
>I have a co-worker who is having difficulty putting cover-slips on his
>"dry" sections embedded in plastic.  (I have never done plastic).  He is
>getting many bubbles.  Please tell me how you avoid them or get them out
>if you do get them. I will pass on your advice.
>U of Washington

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