RE: Concerned about working with carcinogens

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I would be interested to know any statistics on this subject as well.  In my
old lab (in the corner of the basement of an old building that no longer
exists), all things made out of rubber where eaten away at an alarming rate.
The rubber seals on my autostainers flaked off constantly, I stopped getting
rubberbands down there since they would break into multiple pieces when
stretched after a week of exposure to the air.  It was a research lab that
was eventually turned into a clinical lab so it wasn't under the CAP looking
glass for more than 2 inspections.  When I think back on what I was inhaling
for almost 2 years, it scares me.


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Subject: Concerned about working with carcinogens

Is anyone out there concerned about the hazardous materials we are exposed
to daily in Histology? 
Such as Xylene, Formalin, and some of the other carcinogens used through out

We keep the exposure levels under the limits but I still can't help but
wonder if we're in harms way.  


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