Med Techs in Canada

From:Greg Dobbin

Just to add my Canadian 2 cents worth (which is actually only 1.6 
cents U.S.)...

In Canada, the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science 
(formerlly the CSLT) certifies its members with the designation R.T. 
(Registered Technologist) and the General Certification includes 
the 5 core disciplines of Medical Technology: hematology, 
chemistry, immunohematology (blood banking), bacteriology and 

Under our system, anyone with an RT can technically work 
anywhere in Canada (with their credentials readily recognized), in 
any or all of the afore mentioned disciplines and everyone 
(regardless of discipline) are paid, as RT's are paid in that facility 
or province. 

So, if you come across a med tech (RT) from Canada, beware, 
they could be quite proficient and knowledgable about all things 
Greg Dobbin
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