Vip processors & Back-UPS

From:Susan Owens <>

We have two Vip processors which are great units, and we would like to keep
them that way.We experience allot of  'short time' power failures in our
Lab/Hosp due to different reasons.(Note: I live only a few blocks away and
have the same electric problems.) Both of the Vip's are plugged into the
Hospital emergency system, so we are only talking a few seconds of no power
but still it's a problem that can't be good for the Vip's...

Most of the time the units just continue on once the alarm is turned off.
BUT sometimes the power outage, brief as it is, has completely deleted the
programming...  Not wanting any damage to the Vip's we are looking into
buying two UPS-back ups, one for each machine....

I have talked to the people at APC and since the Vip's pull 8 amps each they
recommend their Smart-UPS 1000 (model# SU1000NET). Or if we would rather
have one unit to handle both then they recommend their Smart-UPS 2200
(model# SU2200NET)
Does anyone have any experience with any UPS and their Vip....Can anyone
recommend something better the APC.....I have already checked with our
Hospital computer dept. and they said APC is a good company.

So, if anyone has a UPS on their Vip, what brand and model do you have and
how do you like it?

If anyone has a UPS's then you know they activate so quickly the units are
not aware of a power problem.....I have a APC Back-UPS 600 on my home
computer system and it's the greatest thing since chocolate.

Thanks for your help.



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