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 Dear Terry and other colleagues!

I'm a fanatic of histotechnology, even though I live
in a most desperate conditions now compatible to most of all correspondents of Histonet. My wife, who is a Director of Pathology at Severomorsk Regional Hospital, and I could make no more than 700$ per 1 year! That is my answer to the underestimated, unrecognised and underpayed UK biomedical  scientists.
Most of our co-workers enforsed to lend thir appartments to the traveling traiders, while they are living with their relatives and friends in order to improve somehow their income. 
On the other side, I love my profession terrifically! With HT U.S. license I enable be recognise all over the world, including Russia. Thank to my profession, I met my wife, former histotech and now pathologist. And using our skills we beleive to make better this awfull situation regarding health protection in this Great country where so beautiful people live.

Jim Collins
Severomorsk Regional Hospital
Arkhangelsk Region,
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> <color><param>0100,0100,0100</param> The reasons for enjoying/doing Histology have been eloquently 
> explained by many of you. I fell in love with Pathology, and the 
> "hands on" aspect of Histology and pretty dyes and stains had the 
> edge over the other disciplines (in those days there was a choice).
> I stopped being a Biomedical Scientist 12 years ago, went into 
> research and never regretted it, better pay and conditions, a 
> chance to understand what Histology/Pathology is really about, 
> and a life outside of work. I do miss the patient contact though, 
> visits to wards and clinics, but would not go back. After 26 years of 
> Histology and Pathology I am now ready for early retirement and a 
> change of direction.
> Respect to all you Histologists, especially the overworked, 
> underestimated, unrecognised and underpayed UK biomedical 
> scientists! 
> Terry.
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> Terry Hacker,
> Medical Research Council,
> Harwell,
> Didcot,
> Oxfordshire, OX11 ORD
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