RE: virus

From:Luis Chiriboga

I believe that the histonet does not accept attachments but I do not
understand why this one got thru. perhaps this question is better suited for
Dr. Margraf or Dr Hagler.
By the way,  I have been hit with the virus about 8 times in the last two

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From: Carrie Kyle []
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2001 11:55 AM
Subject: re:virus

isn't this just another reason to NEVER open an attachment you aren't
expecting!  my personal opinion......NO emails with attachments should be
sent via histonet.  i managed to escape both email containing the little
bugger simply because i will NOT read any emails from histonet with
attachments, we've got too many people that just don't know any better and
inadvertantly pass things like this along to 

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