Re:sircam worm and subject headers

From:Tara Miller (by way of histonet)

I happened to get a heads up on the sircam worm from my Skytel pager news
service. So I was watching for it. However, I've been hesitant to delete
e-mails that don't have subject headers or have confusing subjects because I
don't want to delete an e-mail that might be important.

I ususally delete all these "no subject" e-mails, but sometimes curiosity
gets the better of me (although I don't open any unknown attached files).

Please make my life and everyone elses easier and always put in the subject
that you wish to discuss, and please remember "PLEASE HELP" is not a subject
title. It's just good netiquette.

Getting off my soapbox now...
Tara Oakes, H.T.

>     In defense of those who got hit with this virus, I need to point out a
>few things. First I am using top notch antivirus protection on my PC. I am
>almost obsessive about my updates. Even with this, my software did not pick
>up the virus when it was downloaded from the server as it has with all the
>other ones I've encountered. The virus is just too new and confusing, the
>software companies don't have a useful scan available for the Sircam virus
>     The only thing that kept my PC from getting infected (aside from the
>fact that I don't open attachments I don't trust) is my being on top of
>current virus events. I just happened to recognize the text of the message.
>If someone doesn't recognize this they will have no way to know for sure
>that it is a virus since the file name changes each time it sends itself.
>     In this case all the software in the world that I know of won't help
>situation since they aren't catching the bug in time. Although I highly
>encourage everyone to use antivirus software. The only saving grace here is
>     For the most current info on this bug see:
>be careful,
>Amos Brooks

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