RE: Top Atomic Pathologists and OHS issues in US labs

From:Richard N Powell

Have to agree!

Most US citizens don't seem to know that the big round thing we live on has
other countries - its amazing to see the number of US based web sites that
don't understand there is a big world out there with 60 to 70% more web
users than there are in te US! Having said that, I have had the pleasure of
meeting several great American Pathologists - funny though they don't seem
to be any different than our local ones..........

As to the thread on OHS issues surrounding flammables in histo laboratories.
Does the US have any uniform OHS Laws or are they all local State laws?
Surely your accreditation bodies also have a brief to look at safety in

I guess that also begs the question of how many US labs are actually
accredited, have quality systems, ISO 9000 accreditation or ISO/IEC 17025

My impression from these pages is that there is a huge variation in
standards both in scientific practice and personnel employed in the field.

Richard Powell

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