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Date: Thu, Jul 26, 2001 8:28 AM
To: MRederick@neo.rr.com
Subject: Re: LFB

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from Michelle Rederick :

Hi Michelle,
I run LFB's on brain tissue routinely. I use a little gelatin in
the water bath and let the sections air dry at room temp overnight. Stain the 
following day. No problems with losing sections. Hope this helps.

LuAnn Anderson HT(ASCP)
Neuropathology Lab
University of Minnesota

> Hello Histonetters!
> I am having a problem with a Luxol Fast Blue Stain that I am doing on a
> section of brain for the HTL registry. I have run the stain several times
> and every time the sections have washed off of the slides. I have tried
> using gelatin, poly-l-lysine, and even Elmer's glue in the water bath to
> remedy this problem.
> The section stayed on once when I used a double coating of Poly, but then
> the stain came out very uneven and there was a deep blue staining where the
> poly had been. Does anyone have any suggestions? The deadline for the
> registry is looming! Thanks in advance.
> Michelle Rederick  HT(ASCP)
> Sharon Regional Health System
> 740 East

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