Try incubating sections at 37c or R.T overnight before 60c.

Andy Shand
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Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2001 2:16 AM
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> Hello Histonetters!
> I am having a problem with a Luxol Fast Blue Stain that I am doing on a
> section of brain for the HTL registry. I have run the stain several times
> and every time the sections have washed off of the slides. I have tried
> using gelatin, poly-l-lysine, and even Elmer's glue in the water bath to
> remedy this problem.
> The section stayed on once when I used a double coating of Poly, but then
> the stain came out very uneven and there was a deep blue staining where
> poly had been. Does anyone have any suggestions? The deadline for the
> registry is looming! Thanks in advance.
> Michelle Rederick  HT(ASCP)
> Sharon Regional Health System
> 740 East State Street
> Sharon, PA 16146


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