Alcian yellow


To all of you who use Alcian yellow:

Alcian yellow is no longer made, and probably will not be made again 
because the starting material for its synthesis is not available 
either.  We have been working hard to find an alternative that is 
indistinguishable from Alcian yellow, and are please to report that 
we have some promising leads.  We need another 6 months or so to 
conduct shelf-life studies.  In the meantime, you can conserve your 
dye (if you make up your own solutions) by using only 0.2% instead of 
the usually prescribed 1.0 %.  The dye simply is not very soluble in 
water, and a 0.2% solution (0.2 g per 100 ml) actually has about as 
much dissolved dye as one made with 1.0 g per 100 ml.

If you would like to be contacted as more information becomes 
available, please send me an email.


Richard W. Dapson, Ph.D.
Anatech Ltd.
Battle Creek, MI
800-ANATECH (800-262-8324)

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