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From:Cathy Mayton <Cathy@wasatchhisto.com>

Fellow Histonetters,

Although I am a little behind in the postings of Histonet I have read some 
of the postings in regards to the head hunters.  Although I am not looking 
for a job I have read many of the job postings.   It is kind of interesting 
to see where the jobs are and what might be available.  I do however, agree 
that head hunters are really not much different than the vendors who often 
put helpful information on Histonet.  It has been discussed (very heated at 
times) about the vendors using Histonet to advertise their 
products.  Vendors assist us in many ways with tips or off line when we are 
looking for a product or piece of equipment.

Maybe what Heather could do is do a simple posting stating "I currently 
have jobs in the following cities/states.  If you are interested please 
contact me directly at www............  If Heather posted her messages this 
way she would not be using Histonet for FREE to advertise her job 
openings.  The head hunters are profiting from filling the jobs just as the 
vendors are profiting from sales or service.  Heather's job is to service 
the histo community by posting jobs.  She is however getting a paycheck 
because of this.

I do appreciate the vendors monitoring Histonet because it actually saves 
me (and probably many others) when we are looking for a product, service 
etc.  I also do agree that I do not appreciate Spam e-mails telling me they 
have a job opening.  I too like Ford have received e-mails like this.  I 
get enough junk mail.

Well that's my 2 cents.

GLP Compliant Laboratory

Cathy A. Mayton
Project Director

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