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For Histonetters studying to take the HT or HTL exam, for
any histotech supervisor needing help with training someone
OJT, or for any HT program director -

I had said I would inform Histonet when the 2nd edition of the
ASCP Board of Registry HT and HTL Study Guide was
available (I've only been waiting for about 2 years!).

That day has finally arrived!

Below is the information from the ASCP BOR webpage.


It talks about image based questions, but does not mention
anything about the test also being available on computer disks.
I had heard  that there was some problem with getting the booklet
on disks,  but never heard the specifics. So I'm assuming that the
color plates or images or whatever are in the booklet, not on a
disk or CD. (But I've been known to  assume wrong.)

I tried to find out the ASCP member price, but couldn't. I
think ASCP members get a 15% discount.

Board of Registry Study Guide: Histotechnology
Examinations, 2nd Edition
Price: $45.00
Editor: Freida L. Carson, PhD, HT(ASCP);
Associate Editors: Mary E. Lunz, PhD; Jill M. Kachin, MT(ASCP)

Applicants need help preparing for the Board of Registry examinations. To
assist them in taking this important step in their careers, the ASCP and
NSH have developed the Board of Registry Study Guide: Histotechnology
Examinations. It provides aspiring histologic technicians and
histotechnologists with an opportunity for self-examination and practice in
taking simulated tests.

Board of Registry Study Guide: Histotechnology Examinations contains
background on the Board of Registry, guidelines for preparing and taking
the test, information on the development, content, structure and scoring of
the test, as well as practice questions and answers. Also included are
several image-based questions. The study guide covers all subject areas
encountered on the exam including fixation, laboratory operations,
microtomy, processing, and staining. The extensive reading list helps
direct students to more information to expand and refine their knowledge.
Board of Registry Study Guide: Histotechnology Examinations is an
essential text for students preparing for their examinations. It is also
valuable to faculty, and officials of histotechnology education programs for
its explanation of the structure and scoring of Board of Registry

Partial contents
Introduction; Reading List; Certification; ASCP Board of Registry;
Technician; Technologist; Applying for the Exam; Deadlines; Eligibility;
Preparing; Taking the Examination by Computer; Test Center Procedures;
Exam Development; Exam Committee; Criterion-Referenced Testing;
Purpose of the Exam; Components of Competency; Question
Development; Color Plates and Other Visual Materials; Exam Content
Guidelines; Competency Statements-Histologic Technician; Competency
Statements-Histotechnologist; Content Outline-Histologic Technician and
Histotechnologist; Exam Scoring; Fixation; Laboratory Operations;
Microtomy; Processing; Staining; Image-Based Questions; Pr

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