Re: Vibratome 1000

From:Ford Royer <>

The Vibratome Company has an excellent web site that can answer all of your

Go To:  <>

Click on the "Contact" menu choice for phone numbers.  Also "Ask the Doctor"
menu provides FAQs.

Please note that the above posting is not intended, nor should it be assumed
to be, an endorsement of any products or service.  I am in no way connected
to Vibratome, nor am I being compensated in any way (cash, free vacation, or
jelly donuts) by them for posting this information.  I don't even know who
they are! The full intent of this writer is to provide helpful technical
information to the Histology community and this action should not be
construed, implied, or interpreted to be a commercial posting or promotional
attack on any consumer or prospective customer of this product.  Furthermore,
the posting of this writer's name, address, phone number, and place of
business at the bottom of this page is for identification purposes ONLY, and
is not to be considered any form of advertising and/or commercial promotion.
If, however, you are in need of quality refurbished equipment, or have
surplus equipment to sell, you may at YOUR OWN desecration and risk contact
me privately.

~ Ford  ;-)
Ford M. Royer
Analytical Instruments, Inc.
(Refurbished Histology Equipment)
9921 13th Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55430
(800) 565-1895, Ext. 17 wrote:

> I have a vibratome 1000 in my lab and someone wants to borrow it.  I have
> no manual, and no phone number on who to call to get one.  Any phone
> numbers out there for Vibratome?  Also, is the 1000 

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