Re: Barium Chloride

From:Barry Rittman <>

I have not heard of barium chloride being used as a fixative, think that its
effects ion proteins would only be at pH that was unsuitable for optimal
fixation. It has been used in various injection masses for demonstrating blood
vessels (as it it radio opaque).
Not possible to determine whether it would affect IHC but would suspect that
this is a distinct possibility. Only way for you to determine this is to run a
test. You have nothing to lose by refixing in formalin except that antigen
retrieval may have to be adjusted.

You might want to check with the client to determine whether they have shares
in Outer Mongolian Barium Mining Corporation!!

Robert Embree wrote:

> Hello Everyone;
> Can anyone explain to me why a client would use Barium Chloride as a
> fixative for breast tissue.  Would the Barium Chloride affect human tissue
> staining for IHC?  If so, can tissue be reprocessed in formalin and stained
> for IHC, or is there a better way?
> Thank You,
> Robert
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