Re: Recycling Revisited

From:Clarke Ian <>

Hi Barbara,
I have just carried out a very extensive test regarding both B/R and CBG
recyclers for recycling Xylene ,low and high grade alcohol's and methanol.I
found that the CBG had many advantages over the B/R and that the recycled
product was of very high quality . In fact we had a problem with the Xylene
from the B/R leeching counterstains.We found that there was 200cm of alcohol
still present in the B/R recycled product when we took the recycled Xylene
straight from the B/R and put it through the CBG.The reverse did not happen
and we have not found any leeching effect from the CBG product.

Both machines recycled 92% alcohol up to 95% but the CBG did 20 litres in 6
hours whilst it took the B/R 12 hours for 17.The CBG has automatic waste
removal and the Xylene product does not smell.There is no changing of
boilers or a cool down period so you can go straight from recycling alcohol
to Xylene as soon as the recycling process for one stops.It is also very
easy to operate and CBG are very good at helping with any problems.

These are just a few of the differences I encountered over the trial period
and I have written a comprehensive report  for our purchasing department .

I will send a copy if you would like.

Ian Clarke
Histopathology/Cytopathology department
Craigavon Area Hospital

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