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I wouldn't begin to change. B/R is at the top of my list. Been with them
since the mid 80s. j

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> Ms. Stancel,
> 	I don't understand what you'd gain by switching to another
> manufacturer. After all the smell of spilled xylol is the same for any
> system. I would like to point out that there is another alternative. B&R
> makes a metal still. I love mine. By the way you might point out to your
> safety committee, that your tissue processor heats xylene too. 
> Respectfully, Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)
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> 		Dear Histo Friends,
> 		Please revisit the recycler issue with me.
> 		I am looking for those of you have recyclers, specifically
> the B&R and the 
> 		CBG.
> 		Background:  We have two B&R recyclers...been using them for
> 10 years.  And 
> 		for the last 4 years I get nothing but grief from our
> tri-yearly safety 
> 		audit and inspection people. They complain about the odors,
> which we explain 
> 		to them are there because sometimes we spill a little
> solvent. They complain 
> 		about heating solvents to a distillation point and the
> "dangers" of 
> 		explosions and fires.  I explain there have never been fires
> or explosions 
> 		with this type of system. I even point out the mounted fire
> extinguishers.  
> 		I am so tired of the same argument 3-4 times a year.  And
> now the new kink 
> 		may be the cool water pumps exceed noise levels!!!!
> 		We recycle about 25 to 30 liters of ethanol and about the
> same for xylene. 
> 		We like our recyclers and feel confident in their results
> and the most 
> 		excellent service we receive from B&R. Thanks to Ann, Roger
> and especially 
> 		James Taylor! Our experiences have all been positive.
> 		Despite how I feel about B&R, we are looking at a total
> replacement of our 
> 		recycling systems and are expecting a CBG demo in this week.
> My biggest 
> 		dilemma is TIME!!!!  We have two weeks to make a
> decision!!!! There are 
> 		special funds available RIGHT NOW which will replace all of
> our recyclers 
> 		with new ones, but we have to decided very quickly.
> 		I have been through the Histonet Archives and read EVERY
> 		ABOUT RECYCLING I could find. I have spent five WEEKEND
> hours researching 
> 		and reading, trying to get a broad base for making this
> decision.
> 		Now that you have heard me is my request. I
> would like to 
> 		hear from anyone who has made the switch from B&R spinning
> band distillation 
> 		to a CBG type fractional distillation or visa versa!! I need
> to know the 
> 		compared quality of end product of both units and why you
> changed. If you 
> 		are in the continental USA, please include a phone number. I
> may need to 
> 		call and talk. (much faster than my typing!)
> 		Histologically yours,
> 		Barbara Stancel, HTL(ASCP)
> 		USDA, FSIS,Pathology
> 		Athens, Georgia   30605
> 		Phone: 706-546-3556
> 		Fax: 706-546-3589
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