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Well Sarah - Perhaps you should also consider that the Histonet knows no
international borders. Outside of "USA" there are many other countries with
thousands of histotechs who can and do avail themselves of the histonet
information. The National Society for Histotechnology is not a multinational
organisation but rather a local US one and probably not accessible to the
majority of Histonetters..

For those of us who like to watch and share information around the globe the
Histonet is a tremendous resource. There seems to be an obcessive trait
developing over the recruitment and vendors issues. Lets leave these
subjects alone and get on with sharing Histo information (including vendor
and recruitment information)

Vendor and recruiter information whilst not applicable to all countries is
never the less useful as it can provide links to companies, products and
staff which may not be readily available everywhere.

Richard Powell
Lab Manager
Royal Darwin Hospital

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I realize that there may be many Histonetters who are still unfamiliar with
the "Jobs i

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