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From:Jill McVee <jm36@st-andrews.ac.uk>
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Hi Histonetters,
                 I have been requested to find a method  for staining
whole P3 heads of mices by immunocytochemistry(ABC+DAB) for beta tubulin
and/or neurofilament.The result we are looking for will be viewed as a
wholemount.The nerves we wish to see are from the SCG  ganglia which
inervate the face and may be masked by the bones. If any one out there has
attempted this or anything like this please let me know.
P.S. I am also having background problems staining wholemount frog embryos
with a polyclonal GABA primary if any one has any suggestions they are most
Jill McVee
St.Andrews Uni.

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