Research Survey Results

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From:Mary Stevens <>
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Hi all,

As you may recall - I collected responses for an informal Research Salary Survey - which many of you participated in - and I thank you for your help.

I have compiled the information into report form and would like to circulate it to anyone/everyone that would like to see it.  I know sending an attachment via histonet is a 'no-no' (and I don't want to be responsible for causing grief for computers or people......) so what you need to do is send an email reply back to sender only (so we don't clog up the histonet) and request a copy of it.  I will reply to your message with an attachment.

I'm assuming there is a lot of interest in the results - so for the time being, I'd prefer not to fax responses unless absolutely necessary.

Thank you again - to each of you who participated in filling out the survey, offering your encouragement and for hashing out how the results were to be presented.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Mary Stevens

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