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How I wish that Canadian workload units were dead and buried. The name has
changed from CAP to MIS or Management Information Systems in Canadian Health
Care. We fight daily to have them counted correctly. Switching them to be
integrated with the computer system so they are counted automatically has
been and continues to be the biggest headache. 

One of the problems is that administrators would like to use this data to
compare workload proficiencies from one facility to another. However in
reality this does not work as each site interprets the guidelines
differently and on test studies will count totally different values for the
same work. 

Pathology Units are such a mess, that the MIS is undergoing a complete
revision as the guidelines have not kept up with the advances in technology.
I am currently reviewing data from a small group of hospitals to provide
information to the MIS as to how they can simplify the system.

If you don't have to use Units and can work out a program of cases per
technologists to justify staff and equipment increases stick with it.

Janet Tunnicliffe ART
Charge Technologist 
Surrey Memorial Hospital
Surrey B.C. Canada

	Sent:  Thursday, July 20, 2000 1:19 AM
	Subject:  RE: Workload/Productivity

	Do I assume that Canadian Workload measurements are now dead 
	and buried?  Although far from perfect, it was about the best I ever

	came accross.
	Phil Hall (if you are reading, Phil, or Phil Bullock) in Bristol, 
	England, worked out the stats ratio for "histotechs/pathologist 
	using figures from the South West of England labs.  They came up 
	with different figures for University (Teaching), large and small 
	It all depended upon the Roayal of Pathologists figures of 4000 
	(mixed) specimens being the maximum workload of a fully qualified 
	histopathologist.  That figure has been criticised as arbitrary -
	it probably is no more than a "best guess".
	Please don't ask me for the figures (my filing system would 
	certainly let me down).  Hopefully Phil or someone else from the 
	South West will read this.

	Russ Allison, 
	Dental School

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