Staining blood cells in blood

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From:Richard Levenson <>
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Dear Histonetters:

I am trying to set up a system that can take whole blood (anticoagulated)
and add a stain such as a Giemsa or Wright stain (or a compatible
combination of stains) and then make a thin wet film without drying or
washing the cells. (A homogeneous assay, minimal processing steps).

The desired outcome would be that the cells concentrate the stain and
ideally exhibit some kind of metachromatic behavior, with preservation of
cell morphology, and little interference from the dye surrounding the cells.
It would be acceptable to have more than one dye in the mixture, as long as
that added to the discriminating power. I realize that some stains require a
differentiating step (addition of water, perhaps), but I'm trying to avoid
anything other than the step of adding a stain (plus buffer, alcohol,
detergent as needed). The goal is to be able to identify WBCs using a
combination of staining behavior and size and shape parameters.


Richard Levenson, MD
Technical Director, Biomedical Systems
CRI, Inc.
80 Ashford St.,
Boston, MA 02134 


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