Re: antibody for axonal degeneration

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From:Abizar Lakdawalla <>
To:Maria Mejia <>
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Synaptophysin (38kD, major Ca-binding membrane protein of synaptic
vesicles) is a sensitive quantitative marker of synaptic density and a
useful histochemical marker for the characterization of neuronal and
neuroendocrine neoplasms. Has been used in the evaluation of functional
bowel disorders, cortical epileptogenesis, schizophrenia, amyotropic
lateral sclerosis, and Alzheimerís disease. Synaptophysin is also an
excellent marker for pancreatic islet cells and their corresponding

InnoGenex Catalog No.AM-2460. Synaptophysin, 5F3, Mouse IgG3.
Works on paraffin sections after pretreatment by microwave antigen

Data sheets are on line at

Maria Mejia wrote:

> Hello Everyone!! I'm looking for a workable antibody for axonal
> degeneration marker. I plan to use it on feline free-floating
> cortex sections cut @ 30ums and fixed in 4% PFA. Is Synapto-
> physin the best antibody for this? If someone can please provide
> the company(s) name and contact number. Also, if anyone has a
> workable protocol for this type of label please can you share it
> with me. Any help or information anyone provides is most
> appreciated.
> regards
> Maria Mejia
> Smith-Kettlewell Eye Res. Inst.
> S.F.CA.
> tele# 415-561-1663
> email address

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