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From:Karen Larison <>
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I am in a similar situation.  We prepare frozen sections for in situ 
hybridization, but someone is now interested in paraffin sections.  I 
would like to know if RNAse inhibitors are needed in the water bath 
(and at what concentration) and at other junctures in the process 
before probe is applied.

Any information or references that can be provided would be greatly 

Thank you.

Karen in Oregon

>Dear histonetters,
>I would be most interested in finding someone out there who does Insitu on
>Paraffin sections routinely and who has it running consistently. I would
>like to find out if that person or persons would be willing to share their
>procedure with us as we would like to get it started here. We already do
>Insitu on Frozens but would like to work with paraffin.
>Any help is greatly appreciated. Please either e-mail the information or
>feel free to fax it to me at 319-335-7770.
>Thanks everyone!
>Lynn Gardner, HT(ASCP)

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