RE: Oops--wrong 2ndary--any hope?

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From:Cynthia Favara <>
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	Definitely not the first or last time this has happened.
Theoretically the primary is still bound and application of the appropriate
secondary should yield adequate results. Problems that I can foresee with
reapplication of the primary would be increased background if that has been
problematic previously.  Also look carefully at the secondary and what could
have happened ie Did you add a anti-rat to mouse tissue???? this would cause
staining of the mouse IgG. If it were me I would probably continue try to
control for variables and see what the results yield. I have forgotten the
secondary proceeded with the rest of the staining including chromagen and
been able to go back and retrieve data. Not the best way but sometimes the
only way. 
Regards and good luck!!!
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