RE: NSH Scholarships and Starting a Histology program

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NSH Scholarships, for continuing education, are made available through NSH,
and the gererous sponsorship of many of our vendor companies.  The criteria,
and deadline date, is established by the NSH Awards Committee, for
nominees/applicants.  The information is published annually in "NSH In
Action" (sent to all NSH members).   It is too late to apply for this year's
awards, but I would encourage members to become more involved in this
process.  The percentage of members who apply and/or nominate someone is
very low.  

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	Sent:	Monday, July 10, 2000 5:01 PM
	Subject:	NSH Scholarships and Starting a Histology program

	I'm asking these questions for a fellow histotechnologist, Pam
Buzzard, who resides in Georgia. She will be joining the Histonet soon. Does
the NSH offer any scholarships for attending nationals? Does anyone have a
suggested curriculum with what each course should entail as far as starting
a histotech program is concerned?  She has been asked by a local college to
initiate a program, but has little info to go on. I have already suggested
attending the workshop that is going to be offered at Nationals this year. I
will inform her of all answers posted on the histonet, but she can otherwise
be contacted at 
	Thank you, 
	Denise Bland-Piontek HTL (ASCP)
	Fairview University Medical Center
	Minneapolis, MN


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