woven bone

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Just found a reference that might help with the distinction between
woven and lamellar bone.

Gorski J. P.
"Is all bone the same? Distinctive distributions and properties of
non-collagenous matrix proteins in lamellar vs. woven bone imply the
existence of different underlying osteogenic mechanisms. (Review)"
Critical Reviews in Oral Biology and Medicine. 9 (2): 201-23. 1998

I have not had a chance to see the original artcicle but it has 156
In the abstract the author notes that woven bone matrix is enriched in
acidic phosphoproteins BAG-75 and BSP whcih are not expressed in
lamellar bone. He also notes that lamellar bone is enriched in
osteocalcin (althought I believe that this is controversial).
Dr. Gorski is in the Division of Biology and Biochemistry, School of
Biological Sciences, University of Missouri-Kansas City, 64110.

Can FAX a copy of the abstract if you wish.
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