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From:"Hewlett Bryan (CMH)" <HEWLETT@EXCHANGE1.CMH.ON.CA> (by way of histonet)
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We use the polyclonal(rabbit) antibody to FactorXIIIa from Calbiochem.
One is also available from Dako(A0082).



>From: 	Kathy Oprea[]
>Sent: 	January 13, 1999 10:58 AM
>Subject: 	source for Factor XIIIA
>Happy New Year everyone!
>A friend of mine at a local human hospital has been asked by her
>pathologist to run immuno for Factor XIIIA. To date, she has been
>unable to locate a source for this antibody,  and asked if I would
>see if any info was available from histonet. She has tried several
>times to subscribe, but is rejected due to attachments. This is
>another problem she is trying to solve! Any suggestions for either
>problem will be very much appreciated.
>Have a good day!
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