Re: cleanup of Bouin's stain

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From:Mick Rentsch <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Barbara,
you could try Sat. Lithium Carbonate in Alcohol. For benches and floors
create a small well with plasticine or Linseed Putty, and pour in solution
to soak. You should get noticable results in 3-5 minutes. For immediate
stains only a few seconds application is required using a bit of paper
towelling. If yopu are using Bouin's as a mordant and decolourise by water
rinsing for 20-30 mins as in Gomori's One Step Trichrome, you can also use
this solution, but only as a quick dip, then rinse with water to see if
decolourised, and if not, then give another quick dip and water rinse- will
take 30 mins off your Trichrome time.
Regards Mike (Downunder)
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From: Munch, Barbara A <>
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Date: Thursday, 7 January 1999 9:01
Subject: cleanup of Bouin's stain

>Does anyone have a good  method of removing Bouin's stain from floors,
>counters, cabinets, etc?  We purchase Bouin's in 5 gallon containers, and
>dispense it into 500 or 1000 ml jars for use in necropsy.  We have had too
>many spills that were not promptly cleaned up, and I'd like to make the
>pretty again.  I've tried all the cleaners I can think of, and they're not
>thanks very much
>Barb Munch
>Supervisor, Histology/Necropsy

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