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Rande Kline
01/07/99 09:04 AM

To:   "Weems, Joyce" <>
Subject:  Re: Rhodanine  (Document link not converted)

Hi Joyce,

I guessing you mean Rhodamine.  EM Science has the following:

Rhodamine 6G        CI 45160  Cat# RX0090-1   25g
Rhodamine B or B,O  CI 45170  Cat# 340-12     25g

I f this is of any help, E-mail me and I can give you some distributors.

Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science
TEL:  800-222-0342, ext. 443

"Weems, Joyce" <> on 01/06/99 04:15:11 PM

To:   'Histonet' <>
Subject:  Rhodanine

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Problem - I just tried to order Rhodanine from Sigma and it has been
deleted from their inventory. Who has a good source for this chemical in
powder form? Thanks for your help, J:>)

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