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Your best bet is to get hold of the ASCP bi-annual salary survey. It is
a well respected analysis of salaries by region of the US.
The survey can be seen at their web site:

ASCP home :  (search for "Salary")

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Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 15:05:26 -0900
From: "Skelton, Michelle" <>
Subject: Salaries
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Recently there was a discussion about salaries.  I, unfortunately, did
save any of the discussions and now our Dept. has been tasked to come up
with a salary base (Human Resources won't do it for us).  Did anybody
save the responses?  If so, could you please e-mail them to me directly.
would also be interested in the average salaries of anybody else who
like to respond.  I know that often what you make depends on experience,
etc.  but if you could please just give me a ball park of what the
HT in your facility makes, that would be helpful.  I am especially
interested in the averages of other Federal employees.

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