Re: CPK antibody...MB fraction

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From:Ms Louise Taylor <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Richard,
failing all else, try asking the supplier/s for a sample only, this is
usually a small aliquot at a fraction of the cost. Sometimes if they
are very nice people, they will even give it to you for free!

Louise Taylor
South Africa

On 13 Jan 99 at 17:18, Richard Maliniak wrote:

> One of our pathologists has a muscle tumor that is suppected to to be
> CPK(MB fraction) positive. I know where to purchase antibodies to setup
> the assay, however, he does not want to spend the money to setup an
> assay that we may never use again.
> Does anyone know of a lab(university, private, corporate,etc) 'anywhere
> in the world' that does CPK/MB on formalin fixed paraffin embedded
> tissue?
> Richard M. Maliniak, Ph.D
> Section Chief Immunopathology/ Special Histochemistry
> and Manager Anatomic Pathology Division,SBMC,SBHCS
> Livington, NJ 07039
> phone: 973-322-5987
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