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We looked into this about 18 months ago.
My understanding is that anti-Hu is a circulating autoantibody.
Apparently found in patients with sub-acute cerebellar degeneration, in
para-neoplastic syndrome. If you have a patient with this( or know of
someone who has), then you may be able to obtain serum from them, and
test it on normal brain sections.
I am unaware of a commercial source for anti-Hu.



>From: 	Shirley Powell[]
>Sent: 	January 8, 1999 11:42 AM
>To: 	Histonet
>Subject: 	anti hu
>Hi histonetters,
>I have been asked to get info on an antibody anti-hu.  I could not find
>it in MSRS, now to the experts, anyone using this antibody?
>Shirley Powell

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