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On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Tim Morken wrote:

> Does anyone have references for the original article(s) concerning
> staining amyloid with "Thioflavin S"?

   Guntern, R. et 3 al., 1992. An improved thioflavine S
   method for staining neurofibrillary tangles and senile
   plaques in Alzheimer's didease. Experientia 48: 8-10.
   This paper has refs without titles, and it's not clear
   which refer to earlier thioflavine S methods. The
   modification is a prior permanganate oxidation, which
   removes "autofluorescent" background.

   Thioflavine S is CI 49010; Direct yellow 7.
   Thioflavine T (CI 49005; Basic yellow 1) is a different
   dye, also used for amyloid staining.

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