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On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Bruce A Rasmussen wrote:

> Does anyone have a suggestion for fixative to follow perfusion with saline
> in the rat that would not confound Golgi staining?

   There are several Golgi methods for formalin-fixed brain,
   but it's OK (perhaps even better) to go straight into the
   Golgi mixture.

   A student here has been getting beautiful results with
   a method of Gibb & Kolb (1998) J Neurosci Methods 79, 1-4.
   It's essentially the Golgi-cox method, but with vibratome
   sections instead of celloiding embedding. There's also a
   Golgi-Cox variant for frozen sections (Kolb & McClimans
   (1986) Stain Technol. 61: 379-380).
                                        John Kiernan
                                        London, Canada.

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