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From:Louise Burrell <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Let me second the info on Ford Royer's company: "AIB."  They are
wonderful!!!I just purchased a Leica enbedding center and a VIP processor.
The service is wonderful; prices reasonable and the company is reliable.
Ford used to work with Brent Riley at Miles.  Brent Riley's company
"PROSOURCE" has some wonderful disposable blades, also.  He said you would
need to change your blade angle---however, I flipped one onto my CM 1800
Leica cryostat and I got gorgeous sections immediately!!!

Also, my apologies to all who received x 2 Histonet due to my spastic left
hand with" not so great" CTR sorry!!

Glocosamine Chondroitin is definitvely one of those things that if taken
on a regular basis for a month or two; then miss a few days---you will
notice how much you always did need it!!!! Of course, check with your Dr.
first--I guess, I just assume that at our intelligence level, we would all
do that----another apology.  Now, to the histotech who mentioned the Twin
Labs brand of G.C.---It is the best seller at my health food
store---however; it is a huge tablet and does not seem to work as well as
that little pink one my mom gave me.  She does not remember where she got
it.  I bet it was Harriet Carter or one of those tiny mail order
catalogs---if I find out I will let you know.  Th\e Twin Labs G.C. is
35--40.00 for 60 tabs---you could take 2-3 per day----that is high.  The
pink tiny one work with only one per day and are under 20.00 for 60.

I will keep you posted.

As to the LCM protocols and info---I will collect all e-mail adresses and
send after Feb. 10, 1999---so sorry; however My Son, John is graduating
from Baylor Univ. Law School---so I must go to Texas.

Have a great two weeks---
Louise "Beezie"Burrell
Was. U. Cancer Cntr
St. Louis, Mo.

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