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I think this is the right idea. Glycerol is added to EtOH for preserving
invertebrates, especially arthropods, just for this reason. It not only
keeps the specimens from getting brittle, but also prevents them from
drying out, should the EtOH evaporate. This isn't likely in a histo lab,
but is almost inevitable in a museum collection.


>Hi Darren,
>        Perhaps it's a similar theory to adding phenol to the alcohol,
>i.e. to prevent the tissue becoming brittle. Haven't heard of using
>glycerol before tho'.
>        Alex.
>        Kilmarnock, Scotland.

>I was speaking to a friend of mine, whom works at Liverpool Histo and he
>me that apparently Glycerol is added to 100% ethanol station or stations
>the tissue processor. Would anyone know why. I've never heard of this.
>Electron Microscope Unit
>St. George Hospital
>Kogarah NSW Australia

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