Re: [Histonet] tooth curl

From:Rene J Buesa

  Try adding 1 mL of Elmer's white glue in your regular 2-liter capacity round
  water bath which will be equivalent to a 0.05% solution, approx.
  You could even add some weight over the back of the slide with the section
  over a flat plastic surface. You should cover the plastic surface with paraffin oil
  (= mineral oil) to avoid the section to adhere to the plastic.
   As weight you could use some lead "sinkers", the ones used to sink the fishing lines.
  René J.

Trisha Emry  wrote:
  I just did serial sections through a decaled, paraffin embedded tooth.
I had trouble keeping sections stained with H & E on "plus" slides and they
often curled up at the edges and folded.

Any advice on how to deal with the ones cut and/or future teeth?

U of Washington, Seattle

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