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From:Paul Webster

Dear Tom,

I have the most ideal machine for you. A company in Northern California has
just sent me a machine that does exactly what you are looking for, slice
fresh tissue into 1mm slices. I am currently evaluating it and it is pretty
good. He tissue is cut in one pass through the machine much as bread is

I can give you contact details for the makers of this machine (the "Equal-Z)
if you are interested. As far as I know, this is a new innovation that is
not currently on the market. I have no links with the company other than
agreeing to be a beta test site.


Paul Webster.

Paul Webster, Ph.D.
Scientist II and Director
Ahmanson Advanced EM and Imaging Center
House Ear Institute
2100 West Third Street
Los Angeles
CA 90057-1922
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On 1/25/05 8:02 AM, "Tom C. Nguyen"  wrote:

> dear all,
> i am a postdoctoral research fellow at stanford university working in the
> cardiovascular lab.  one of our projects involve mapping out the fiber
> orientation of the heart.  we cut select areas of the heart into 1cmx1cmx1cm
> blocks.  i was wondering anyone knew of a device that can reliable cut this
> heart block into 1mm slices... i guess similar to one of the machines at the
> deli that slices of a big chunk of turkey into this slices.  thanks for your
> thoughts.
> bests, -tom
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