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We got rid of the Sta-on and started using charged slides for everything.  The increase in volume, decreased the price of the charged slides.  Sta-on will null the charge of the slides and hence the sections will fall off during HIER.  In a perfect world this would be enough, but since we're not perfect, always check your lots of slides because sometimes the charge is just not there.  The easiest way for us to tell, is by making sure the sections do not travel down the slide when you pick them up from the waterbath.  Good luck!

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I was just wondering how other labs are handling this situation:  For 
prostate and breast core biopsies we cut extra slides for potential immuno staining, 
between the levels.  The problem is the use of adhesive in the water bath.  
Since we are cutting H&E's, there is the possibility of fall off during staining 
if we DON'T use sta-on.  But using it increases the possibility of fall off 
during immunos staining.  And if we don't use the sta-on, we run the risk of 
fall off on ALL the cases the techs are cutting that day.  

I know there are lots of labs out there performing immunos, so I'd like to 
know how you've resolved this.
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